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  • Chris

    Hi, I also happened to watch that, and I agree Shira made an impression. More young, passionate leaders like her involved in the debate instead of all those veterans, and there will be more hope fore Middle East.

  • Chunks

    Have not seen the debate. But thanks for letting us know.I value the present and value the "outlook of now", an outlook not weighed down by the past. But I rather think Blair, no matter how impressive and expressive an actor/leader/personality he is, can not but be discredited. Blair's reputation in the middle east was shattered by the iraq war, he is expert at accepting the status quo and asking every body to "look forward". I would hire him any day as an inspirational/motivational speaker; but as a serious statesman, no. He got the job as a kiss goodbye from Bush. Gamal Mubarak (nuff said!). Fayyad – a total autocrat. I pity the men and women who put their time and effort into that conference. I am sure they will come out of it with good experience though.On your perspective as regards the palestine/israel situation. Again, I am aware that the past weighs down, but you cannot ignore it, or claim ignorance (or boredom) of it and expect to be taken seriously. That would be doing a Blair.As Abraham Lincoln said in the opening line of his famous House Divided speech in 1858: "If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it." We need to be well-grounded in the present.

  • Chunks

    Thanks for the link to Black Iris. Whoa!

  • shehab

    update: caught the debate from the start yesterday and have to add a few more mentions: yoav fisher was another pensive jewish / israeli voice (referring to the issue of extremism that plagues all sides of the conflict). palestinian maher bitar was impressively eloquent.

  • Chunks

    When discussing the past: some past things are "was", pretty much
    finished, but some past things are "is", they continue. I might join
    you in saying forget the "was"es. But the "is"es ?

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