this was one of the best events i caught in my year of living in cairo.

CAIRO – 2010
14th/15th May 2010
Live electronic music + Live video

adham hafez / yara mekawy / ola saad
jan jelenik / telepoetic / mahmoud refat / ahmed saleh
iqbit / ahmed basiony / john kannenberg
ahmed sabry/ nermine el ansari / mohamed allam / eleonora / wensh.

ADDRESS :Kasr El Sham3 Street ,Al Fakhareen – Old Cairo – Behind the Hanging Church and Amr Mosque Tel.: +2 23 610 511

[Organized by] 100COPIES MUSIC / CAIRO


100COPIES is a music label based in Cairo/Egypt, releasing music from Egypt, the Arab world and International.100COPIES is focusing on experimental music, sound and jazz related. The main intentions of the label is creating a platform/network for the independent music scene in Cairo. As well as introducing international artists and independent music from other places to the Egyptian music scene. A limited number of 100 copies will be out for sale inside Egypt. Another limited number will be produced for international distributors from each release.
[DARB 1718]!/group.php?gid=43270774592&ref=search&sid=1663254969.2200041353..1

Darb 1718 is a registered non-profit organization.
It is the latest addition to Cairo’s art and culture scene. Right In the middle of Old
Cairo, in El Fustat area and just next to the Hanging Church and Amr Ibn Al Aas
Mosque, emerges a new heart for contemporary art and culture.
Darb 1718 is a culture promoting centre, art exhibition space, programs and
initiatives facilitator and education and community service site. It is a hub connecting
Egyptian artists from several walks with the local and international art and culture

telepoetic were of my favorites last year there was a youthful tenderness to them.

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